What We Do

Redline Exteriors offers Calgary and surrounding areas top quality exterior finishing services for competitive prices. Learn more about our services below, and feel free to contact us any time to get a quote for your next project.


Redline Services: Siding

Installing new, high quality home siding is our specialty. Redline Exteriors has the proven expertise to deliver professional work for a price you can afford. We offer a range of quality products made from a variety of materials including fiber cement, vinyl, wood, engineered wood and aluminum.

We have carefully selected the best brands and materials available to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful exterior for your home. We install James Hardie fiber cement siding, as well as Can-Excel Prefinished Siding. Cedar siding is also available, as are some excellent longboard siding solutions. Additionally, we have a selection of quality aluminum siding options available as well.

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Soffit & Fascia

Redline Services: Soffit & Fascia

Bring the exterior of your home together with beautiful and durable soffits and fascias. High quality, professional trim available in a variety of styles will accentuate your home and deliver that "wow" factor.

Stylish, low maintenance designs made from quality materials ensure your home will withstand the elements of time and keep your home looking its best for a long time.

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Redline Services: Battening

Redline Exteriors offers professional batten installation services for most residential applications. Our product line includes both wood and aluminum battens, chosen by the customer or depending upon the application.

Our experience ensures a top quality job that is done right the first time. For us, attention to detail is paramount, and we will scrutinize to ensure the best work possible.

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Redline Services: Renovations

Get a fresh new look for any exterior element of your home with Redline Exteriors! Our expertise will ensure the process is easy and fun, and the end result is how you envisioned it.

We can help you every step of the way, and make sure you are aware of what options are available to you and the benefits of each.

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Redline Services: Eavestroughs

Expand your living space with Redline Exteriors! If you have always wanted to build a new addition to your home, we have the expertise to help you through the whole process.

We will assist you to identify your key objectives, and ensure you are aware of what options are available to inspire your vision even further. Your budget will be taken seriously and we will strive to find a solution that meets your expectations and adds value to your home for a price you can afford.

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